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How it Works!

Target Company

We help you to find your new job! Send us the name of your target company and the location.

Target Person

Send us the job title or name of your target person (e.g. hiring manager) if known. We will send the required information to you, so you can reach out to them directly. *NEW* IF you do not know the correct target person, send us the Job title (as advertised) of the job you are looking to apply to and/or the link to the advertisement.
We will then find the correct person for you to post your resume to directly! Fast, easy way to get your new job.


It is this easy to apply directly to the hiring manger for your next job! No more online job portal blackholes! No more time wasting filling in the same information time after time after time. NO NEED for LINKEDIN PREMIUM account!


GOLD Level Subscription

(SUPER SHORT – 3 month subscription)
Up to 9 Job applications per month.
We deliver the contact details to your inbox
We find the correct target person for you to apply for your next job DIRECTLY!
US$48.97 / month

Note:JobstoU is owned by Elite Group.

What We Do

  • We will send you the email address of the hiring manager (or human resources representative) that you require to apply directly to an appropriate person.
  • You can choose how many jobs you want to apply for each month by selecting the appropriate option below.
  • NO NEED for LinkedIn premium (or similar paid services) to directly reach the contact you need! Find your next job easily and apply fast without inconvenience.


“Great idea! I received the contact details I required within 3 days and applied directly to the hiring manager for the job I wanted”!
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis, Microsoft
“3 Interviews arranged in 1 week. Thank you”!
Katty Wilson
Katty Wilson, Microsoft
“I had already applied to a few jobs through the company portal systems. I didn’t receive any response at all. However, I applied to 3 companies directly using JobstoU and managed to get 2 replies within 1 day”!
Edward Knight
Edward Knight, Microsoft

‘Find the job you like. You can apply for a job at any company, like these below and more!’



We have helped many people to find a new job and post their resume easily and directly to the hiring manager. Many job seekers complain that they never receive a reply from job applications via company portal systems, job boards and 3rd parties. We want to help job seekers to apply directly to a company hiring decision maker more easily. Also,we know that if you apply directly through an advertisement, LinkedIn, Career Portal of target company etc. often the person who receives your CV is not the hiring manager (and thats even if your CV gets through the machine screening in the first place). Also, if you are a strong candidate no company will have a problem to move forward with your ‘direct’ application – they will be very happy that there is no referral fee or agency fee for you to be hired!

The information we supply can be time consuming and resource intensive to find. We need to ensure some kind of ‘Minimum Order Quantity’ (MOQ) to get down to a reasonable price level.We may do ‘one-off’campaign from time to time where you can get just 1 contact information you need.
Keep an eye on our website and look out for our crowd funding campaign coming soon!

There are no guarantees, however, we believe that we are giving an option that should increase the probability of a response and of securing that interview for the job you desire. We hope that the articles and advice we provide in our blog will further increase this probability for a successful job application process.

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