Send email job application to hiring manager

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– Increase the probability to secure an interview for a desired job (and to get your CV seen in the 1st place)!
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Today, we will consider what to write when applying directly to a new job.

There are many different ways to write the introduction email to a hiring manager when you are sending your CV directly to them to apply directly to a new job. Our advice is;
Keep it simple
Show an interest in and knowledge of their business.
Show how you can add value to them AND their business to then close the next step (an interview with them to discuss further how you can add value).

Below, please find a good example email to apply directly to a job you desire;

Dear Sir/Madam,

[Opener] Thank you for the chance to submit my resume and cover letter.

[Hook/compliment] I have been impressed and watching closely the success of this company [company name].
[Value] As a [qualifications] I believe that my [diverse skill set] and dedication to [continuous learning], I would be a strong asset to the team by [include benefit here]. [these are just examples, you might want to choose something more specific to the job description]I look forward to speaking to you about how I can contribute to the innovative and exciting workplace at [company name].

Kind regards,

[your name here]

This short and simple script addresses two main points:
It shows you know something about the company
It shows how you will provide them value and the benefit.

Hope you find it helpful,